Play Workcelerate Learning Cards

Using gamified, social learning to strengthen team collaboration and workplace productivity skills

What is “Workcelerate Learning Card”?

The Workcelerate Learning Card Game provides an opportunity to enhance your team’s workplace knowledge and soft skills through gamified learning. By playing as a team, you can strengthen your connections with colleagues while developing crucial skills including communication and teamwork abilities.
This game fosters open discussion and the sharing of diverse perspectives, emphasizing objectivity. Ultimately, the game’s objective is to improve critical thinking, communication and collaboration soft skills in an enjoyable and engaging way while creating a culture of learning.

Why Workcelerate Learning Cards?

In the current workforce, soft skills are critical for team and organization’s success. and Workcelerate’s primary objective is to equip employees and individuals with the necessary soft skills to excel in their jobs.
On average, gamified work experiences result in a 48% increase in employee engagement. As an organization committed to finding the most effective techniques to enhance our clients’ soft skills, we developed the Workcelerate cards.
Remarkably, 90% of employees report that gamification boosts their productivity at work. The Workcelerate cards offer a fun way to improve one’s soft skills while honing their abilities.

How to use the cards

As a Competitive Game

Teams can play competitive learning games during breaks, retreats and other times outside work to boost their skills.

As a Training or Facilitation Tool

The cards can be used by team leaders, supervisors, managers and even another members to train their teams on selected skills during learning or team development sessions.

As an Interactive Activity during meetings or retreats

The cards can be used during regular meetings to stimulate interaction and strike conversation around important issues in the organization.

Game Description

The Cards are designed around key professional learning principles for practical learning and application in the workplace. There are 3 major types of cards: DEFINE, THINK and ACT to accomplish learning objectives. The pack of cards is about 64 in total containing questions, scenarios and actions around the topic or skill area. Topics include:

Cards Description

Card Type 1: DEFINE

The DEFINE cards require the individual to give a clear, concise, and precise explanation of the meaning of a word, concept, idea, or workplace terminology. This ensures that the individual knows the meaning of the concept and can use it effectively or relate to it as a professional

Card Type 2: THINK

The THINK cards focuses on practical work scenarios, situations, and challenges that individuals must respond to or discuss among the team. This ensures that the individuals are able to use critical thinking and problem-solving skills in real-life situations regarding the skill at work.

Card Type 3: ACT

The ACT cards require an individual to identify a course of action and commit to that action in developing themselves or in performing at work. This ensures that the individual not only knows and understands the concept but has clear action plans to deliver results at work

How to Play [As a Game]

To begin the game, form a team of 5 or 6 players and shuffle the cards. Then:

Each player selects a card and follows the instruction or answers the question provided.

The other players assess the response and vote on whether it is satisfactory or correct. If the response meets the criteria, the player receives a point.

For the DEFINE or THINK cards, the player must provide a specific answer, while the ACT card requires them to complete a task.

The game can conclude after a designated time period, as agreed upon by the players, or after all the cards have been used.

The Winner can be declared based on time limits or the highest points

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